Jillian Leigh Fitness Changes Lives.

About a year ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone and signed on with Jill. Not only did she train and encourage me in the gym, she also gave me a meal plan that has made my life and body 100% better. Thank you, Jill, for supporting me on this journey and making a difference in my life. Your passion and love for what you do is truly an inspiration to me!
— Sue H.
For years I have struggled with my weight, eating a pescatarian diet since I was a kid, always striving to find a healthy balance of nutrition and exercise.  I have battled with acne, major stomach issues, hair loss, lack of energy and sleepless nights.  I have met with nutritionists, doctors and holistic practitioners to see if there was a magic potion to cure my symptoms and keep me looking good (read:  skinny) and feeling good.  I had been quite unsuccessful.
Luckily, and a little randomly, I was introduced to Jillian.  We spoke a little about my issues and goals and she shared with me what she does and how she can help incorporating a full vegan food plan around my exercise routine.  
I was nervous at first because I couldn't imagine a life without cheese and ice cream!  Jillian sent me a questionnaire asking me a bunch of really specific questions about my lifestyle, food cravings, health history and created a fully customized meal plan that was very user friendly.  
I shared with her that I really don't know my way around a kitchen and cooking isn't something I enjoy.  The meals she has me eating are super easy to create (she sent me recipes too) and doable with my franecic lifestyle.  Jillian even included a list of foods I can substitute out when I go out for meals or want to switch it up a bit.
Jillian checks in with me, is very responsive and totally motivational!
So it's been three months and I am flabbergasted with the results of this diet.  My skin is clear (seriously), I sleep like a rock, my stomach issues are non-existent, my (sweet/salt) cravings are completely met, I am completely satiated and I have actually lost inches all over my body.  Who knew that a plant based diet can provide all of the nutrients I needed!  I am all in.  HUGE Jillian fan!  

-Abby Malis

I’ve been training with Jill for about 4 years. Her knowledge and expertise has allowed me to workout with her during two phases of my life. I safely trained with her for 30 weeks of my pregnancy and I couldn’t wait to get back to working out with her. She pushed me to new limits and continues to help me reach my goals. She is knowledgeable, creative and makes each session fun. Jill is an amazing person and her energy and passion for living a healthy lifestyle is contagious! She truly is the best!
— Chelsey K.
At 50+ years of age, I decided I had to make a healthy change in my life. My goal was to not focus so much on weight loss but more about building strength. I was apprehensive at first, as I have never really worked out in my life, but Jill has changed my attitude in such a positive way. Our workouts are fun but at the same time challenging. She encourages me to give it my all and has changed my mind set about working out. Jill’s professionalism, preparedness and patience are a recipe for success!
— Carol M.
I have been training with Jill for about a year now. Jill is beyond passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. She makes every workout challenging, creative, and most importantly fun. Jill encourages me and pushes me to my full capability. She is an all around motivational inspiration to me. Her knowledge and expertise in nutrition along with her positive feedback has been truly amazing and I would not have come this far without her.
— Christine K.